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Smart molecules will be cancer cure in future

Smart molecules will be cancer cure in future

Smart molecules will be cancer cure in future

Istanbul University (IU) Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty Nuclear Medicine Specialist Prof. Levent Kabasakal, in a statement to the AA reporter, stated that the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of a drug in a single plane is called "theranostic".

Prof. Kabasakal pointed out that the most important feature of atomic treatments with radionuclides is that they can also be diagnosed with the same drugs, adding that this is an extraordinary advantage in cancer treatment.

"Because this allows us to know exactly where the drug given for treatment will go in the body and whether it will affect the diseased tissue before the treatment," said Kabasakal, adding that theranostic drugs also determine the biological differences between people and make a treatment plan according to the risk model.

Kabasakal explained that especially genetic information is used in the formation of the treatment plan by determining which drugs can and cannot be benefited by cancer patients, and gave the following information: "The most important advantage of theranostic drugs is that they take into account the biology of the disease. It is determined before the treatment that which patients will benefit from the treatment and which will not, and the treatment is given accordingly. Targeted atomic therapies with radionuclides have developed at a dizzying pace in the last 10 years, leading to a paradigm shift in cancer treatment. The success in certain types of cancer has been so impressive that most of these treatments have now become routine. It seems that the number and variety of atomic treatments with radionuclides will increase much more."


Prof.Levent Kabasakal pointed out that another difference of theranostic drugs from classical chemotherapy is that they are directed directly to cancer cells without affecting normal cells and continued: "Turkey has become one of the few countries in Europe. Many foreign patients apply to our country for these applications. More than 10 thousand patients have been diagnosed and more than 2 thousand treatments have been applied in our clinic."


Source: https://www.saglikaktuel.com/haber/gelecekte-kanserin-panzehiri-akilli-molekuller-olacak-60566.htm

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