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Scientific and SOP Writting

Scientific and SOP Writting

Scientific and SOP Writting

Rapid & measurable results

As a consultancy firm, I-CELLBIO is fortunate to serve multiple clients across the biotech sector.  By engaging I-CELLBIO you have the opportunity to implement some of the best practices being currently applied across the biotech industry.

Areas in which I-CELLBIO provides biotech consultancy services:

CMC: Process Development, Manufacturing Development, Analytical Development, Control Charting, Tech Transfer, Method validation, process validation

Analytical Development: Development and optimisation of analytical methods & bioassays using DoE approaches

Formulation Development: Development of frozen and lyophilised formulations for biological products

Biotech Licencing: Working with biotech organisations to assist or lead on licencing activities

Know-How Tranfer: Especially in stem cell manufacturing and QC Methods