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Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism

Your health is precious for us

As a i-CELLBIO, we work with companies that are experts in their field. Clinichub shares all of its experience with us on stem cell therapies. Clinichub is committed to the patients, surgeons, support groups and other allied medical professionals who have dedicated their careers to helping improve the lives of patients.


About Clinichub®

Clinichub was established as an international medical tourism company in 2016 and, has locations in Istanbul and London. As Turkey's one of the biggest health care providers in the medical tourism field, we are specialized in providing plastic surgeries, hair transplants, weight-loss operations, dental treatments, and ophthalmology. We are working with surgeons' who are A+ and specialized in their fields. We provide high-quality health care services at best-in-class hospitals in Istanbul.  Also, we have been working with internationally known and reputable hotels to make our patients' surgery journey easier, comfortable and deluxe.

Our R&D department is working to improve our activities in the tourism field and as well as in health and medical services. We have established several branches in Istanbul and established the plans for other countries. As Clinichub, we have expanded and want to expand in many areas of health and medical services. Also, we are the first clinic in Turkey to support other establishments regarding medical tourism field services, especially women start-ups.

Clinichub's activities are supported by the Turkish Ministry of Economy for promoting Turkey medical tourism. Patients are assisted during their stay in Turkey as well in regards to their hotel arrangements, transfers, and hosting/translation services.